MMCAC welcomes any individual or organization with a commitment to addressing the problem of asthma in Merced and Mariposa Counties. Your benefits include:

Increase your knowledge

    • You are provided the most current information about asthma and asthma care
    • You are informed about new medications on the market
    • You are informed about air quality issues in our area
    • You are provided the tools that are necessary to educate others about asthma and air quality

Expand your professional network

    • The coalition is comprised of healthcare providers, school nurses, air district staff, local political leaders, environmental groups, parents of asthmatics, and others
    • We encourage all members to network in order to further the message of the coalition within the entities in which members work
    • We conduct bi-monthly meetings and organize community events in order to cultivate a professional relationship with other coalition members

Educate local and state officials

    • We work with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
    • We provide elected officials with information about asthma and air quality issues in our communities and in the central valley
    • We are part of a statewide network of asthma coalitions, environmental organizations and healthcare groups that contribute to various advocacy efforts statewide

Give back to the community:

    • We work closely with local schools through a variety of activities to reduce student’s exposure to environmental asthma triggers including the Healthy Air Living For Schools programs
    • We work collaboratively with other health and government agencies to provide quality programs and services
    • We attend local health fairs to raise public awareness about asthma
    • We provide asthma classes to the general public, service organizations, and professional networks in English, Spanish and Hmong (upon request)

Click the link below for a PDF version of our

Membership Form 2016